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And that means we need put the same effort into protecting our mobile phones as we do our PCs and our laptops. If you lose your mobile, or it gets stolen, someone could get hold of your Google account login details if you have an Android phone or your Apple ID if you have an iPhone. They could also get easy access to things like:.

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Make sure you back up your mobile regularly, for example, once a week. Watch out for scams and phishing attempts on your phone, either by SMS message or email. Arguably the best cells in the world have touchscreens, but they're definitely not everybody's cup of tea. Buttons, on the other hand, have been around longer than most everything else, and there are definite advantages to sticking with the clickers.

So why touchscreen? Well, for a start, a touchscreen usually involves a larger screen than you'd get on an equivalently priced button phone, the reason being that it needs to be large enough for your fingers to be able to hit the virtual keys. Smartphones are also much more accommodating to "Apps" see below and, because of that, are often a lot more useful and expandable than their button counterparts.

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But there are also a myriad of problems that come with smartphones, particularly the smaller, cheaper breed. Because of everything being on the phone's screen, your fingers can get in the way if the screen is on the small side. Which brings us to the next problem - fingerprints can be the bane of your cellphones existence if you're not careful. Screen protectors can help with this, particularly the matte variety, but they're not perfect and often hard to find in the exact size.

On the other side of the coin, we've got the old school button phones, which have served their purpose but are sadly on the decline.

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That said, there are still plenty of fantastic buttoned alternatives out there, and while they often don't have the bells and whistles that the touchscreen ones do, there are a number of advantages to buying a phone with buttons. The major positive that'll be noted, particularly among teenagers, is the ease when texting. Blind texting is an easily achievable feat with button phones, provided you've got a bit of time to practice, and it's just not possible on most touchscreens. On top of that, the phones are generally simpler to use, and an awful lot cheaper - sometimes by three or four hundred dollars.

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So if all you're really after is a phone to call and text, then a button phone is your best bet - cheap, reliable, and simple. If you're after something a bit fancier, then you'll want to go touch. There are a few options out there that combine the two - a phone with both buttons and a touchscreen, but the screens tend to be too small to be much good.

There's always something at the top of any ladder, and "smartphones" are definitely at the top of the cellphone market. Smartphones do a lot more than just texting and calling - you can send emails, take videos, and even use some of them as a GPS. Skype, Facebook, and many other previously PC-only applications are now available in the form of "apps" - software for phones. Smartphones aren't as scary as they look though, and are well worth the investment, particularly if you need your work to be with you on the road, or just fancy tearing yourself away from the desk.

There are two main options to consider when looking for a smartphone - iOS or Android. Basically, they're "firmwares" which is the operating system. The firmware dictates not only what the interface looks like, but also what apps will run. There are Android-only apps, as well as apps that only iOS gets.

At the moment, iOS has a somewhat larger selection of applications, although Android is getting more and more quality apps added each day, and may someday overtake iOS. Android and iOS is often looked on as a Holden vs Ford kind of relationship, and while that's true to a certain extent, there are definitely some aspects in favour of Android - and some for iOS.

Android is far more "open-source", meaning that applications are available that modify the phone in ways that Apple iOS wouldn't allow. Because of Androids open-source nature, it's much more customizable in the way of themes and ringtones, but is also susceptible to viruses. Internet security is available from Norton, so it's a curable problem, but a problem nonetheless. The other advantage to buying Android is the vast range of phones - more on that below.

Apple has placed many restrictions on what you're able to do, which results in a much cleaner, much more refined user experience. The obvious downside to that is the lack of options - you have a selection of ringtones and text tones, but you can't add any of your own. There are no options to add themes, and there's no ability to transfer files from one phone to another via Bluetooth - all options that are available to Android users. First of all, I like that mSpy is invisible, like an actual spy.

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