Listen to target phone surroundings free

It will help you in listening to the people noise around the target phone saying. FoneTracker a spy voice recorder helps in providing all the recording of the surrounding and upload it at the app user account. If in case you are unable to listen to that online, you may get the record and listen to those at any time you want. Those recording can be downloaded on the phone and kept as evidence for future listening. FoneTracker helps you in listening to all surrounding noise with the feature of the ambient listening feature.

The best thing about this spyware is that it is user-friendly and this process of installation is a lot easier. Also, it lets a user call victim phone and listens to the surrounding noise in real time.


The FoneTracker acts as an ambient recording app, ambient listening app, hidden voice recorder, and spy voice recorder. To use it you need to get into the official site of the app fonetracker.


After installation open it and fill ID and password. Hide the app in victim phone and begin to spy. You can activate this feature through the control panel and listen to the surrounding noise of the target phone.

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Also, the recording of those can be made and save on own device. The feature is of great to use when you wish to know where children are.

Live Recording

If they are in school you can listen to the classroom bell noise, children talking, etc. Tap on it and connect the spy listening device app dashboard to the target cell phone device MIC and you will have real-time and unlimited surround listening.

Worried parents can dig out all the hidden whereabouts of their young kids and teens with phone listening app and come to know what sort of activities they do with their peers outside the home secretly. With the help of a cell phone listening device app, the user can use spy live surround listening and then get to know what is happening in the surrounding of a target cell phone device in the shape of voices and conversations.

What Is XNSPY Surrounding Recording App?

Every employer wants to know what sort of conversations employees do within the working hours and with each other. Because there is such type of employees in every organization that makes lobbies and do conspiracies against other employees rather than putting their real efforts in the assigned task. But TheOneSpy remote listening app needs physical installation once and then it enables employers to listen unlimited and real-time conversations remotely.

The phone listening device also enables to hear voices happen in the surrounds of a spy listening device with sheet accuracy.

iPhone Tracker - Undetectable and Invisible iPhone Spy App - SPYERA™

Do you have concerns about your loved ones, friends, and over your family members then you can live listen to the surrounds using your target mobile phone device. You can use spy software for listening to the surrounds on your target device and remotely activate the MIC of target phone to make you listen to all the conversations target person have made in real —time and you can get to know the reality.

How To. No need to send command of Mic or Camera bug again and again for surrounds listening.

What is Live SurroundS Listening?

Real Live Listening to Mic with 0. Live listen to target device GSM Calls between both parties and Use as Spy listening device when you are in streaming knots. Advanced Privacy Controls.